Life Onboard

Guests and crew share the watch rota. You can take part in both sailing and navigation as much as you want. If the weather allows and we are in open water, you may also have the chance to learn how to handle and use a sextant.

Everyone helps with the dishes and you’ll even get to help the chef to prepare meals. Almost every cruise involves sailing at night, and if you think that sounds fun then you are welcome to help with that too!

You will live simply but well in a two or four bed cabin. Some cabins have their own shower but not all and before you sign off, we clean the boat together.

The Top Gallant Schooner Bishop’s Horizon is a 118 years young beauty, constructed at JJ Pattje & Zoons shipyard in Waterhuisen, Holland 1900.

Her length, including the bowsprout, is 33 metres, with the water line being just under 24. She is 5.5 metres wide and has a draught of two metres. She has a steel hull and a Volvo Penta 200 HP / 147 kW engine.

Sale & Sail

Do you want to be a seller and sail for free? If you get a group of friends together or maybe even the whole family and book the entire boat, you will just pay the rate x11. The twelfth guest, meaning you, will sail for free. Contact us for more information!


The prices include full-board living, meaning that all food eaten onboard is covered, however beer and wine is not.

Your journey to and from the boat is not included in the price.

All Swedish travel agencies, including Get the Horizon, are obliged to offer a travel guarantee. This means that we have set aside an amount of money to ensure that your trip is safe, in case we do not manage to complete it as planned.

Our travel terms are the same as Kammarkollegiet’s (link) standards, with a few changes.